On Your Feet!

On Your Feet! | Swing / u/s Gloria Fajardo | National Tour

From the Helen Hayes award-winning Spanish language premier at DC's GALA Hispanic Theatre (whew!), to tackling eight tracks on the second National Tour. Spreading love, spreading culture, spreading Latin rhythms, shaking our bodies, doing the conga, hardly taking a breath, and figuring out the best way to get some rest on a tour bus for 35. We out here, showing this country what an American looks like.

National Players Tour 71

Tour 71 | Anne Frank / Oliver / Sal | National Players

Three shows, nine months, ten players. Young women growing up everywhere you look. Journeys, banishment, confinement, family, love, hate, and all that jazz. Venture with me through the US of A as we bring The Diary of Anne Frank, As You Like It, and Walk Two Moons to any and every community we can reach from now until June 2020.

River Rouge by Andy Boyd

River Rouge(Staged Reading) | Frida Kahlo | Page-to-Stage

Bank failures, violent labor clashes, rallies by Communists, Bible-quoting proto-fascists drawing audiences in the thousands: Detroit, 1932. Diego Rivera, commissioned by Edsel Ford to paint a mural on Detroit industry, and Frida Kahlo arrive in a city on the brink of revolution or collapse. River Rouge, a new play by Andy Boyd asks the question, "how can we use art to remake the world?" This labor day, September 2nd. Coincidence? I think not!

Romeo & Juliet: A Gender Swapped Staged Reading

Romeo & Juliet (Staged Reading) | Mercutio | REP Aloud

Shakespeare in Love is coming up at the REP, but who on Earth are Juliet and Romeo. Before you dive into the bard's lovelife, perhaps a bit of a refresher is in order. Side note, ugh: don't you hate it when your man gets stuck up in the highest room in the tallest tower????

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar | Casca | Nashville Shakespeare Festival

Sometimes when fertility is in the air, and the world is falling apart, and the lions are running through the streets, and on top of all that who's this guy who thinks he can have all the power to himself, when, hey, we deserve some too... You just gotta take daggers, um matters into your own hands.

Picture of Phoebe

Fan Me With a Brick (Staged Reading) | Phoebe | Tennessee Playwrights Studio

Revisiting the segregated South with a family that learns and mourns and heals through storytelling. A recounting of what they lost, what they never had, and the will to perservere with the little they were given. This play in progress by Kenley Smith, based on real events, reminds us all of the injustices some of us have faced and still do to this day.

Pop Up Shakespeare

Richard III (Staged Reading)| Lady Anne | Nashville Shakespeare Festival

When someone kills your husband and father-in-law, destroying life as you knew it and turning you into a greiving wreck, there really is only one thing to do: forget about all that, and marry the charming man! -- Is Lady Anne completely out of her womanly mind?! -- A play full of characters thinking, "agh, hindsight is 20/20..."

Ash and Annie

Evil Dead: The Musical | Annie Knowby | Radical Arts

The blood cannons are packed, the splatter zone is ready, and every gut-busting musical number brings me closer to a tasteful yet horrifying almost-naked state. Humans, Deadites, and all you bit part demons in between, join us for a show that absolutely SLAYS!

Best Friends

Truth/Dare | Maeve | Woven Theatre

Only 90s kids will remember, and these girls for sure never forget. Faith, love, mystery, friendship, heartbreak, sexuality, hope, starting high-school, yikes. You name it, this show's probably got it. Serving up some middle-school feels in this regional premiere of Tori Keenan-Zelt's Truth/Dare.